Duchess by Nikki Wilson – Book Reviewed by Pam Eaton

DuchessCOVERfinal-1Duchess, a Romance novel by Nikki Wilson. Book review written by Pam Eaton.

Katie Murphy is the manager of overnight pop sensation, Duchess, whose biggest gimmick is that no one knows her true identity. Katie’s job is to keep this secret no matter the cost. When Duchess agrees to perform in a benefit concert for wounded veterans, Katie gets more than she bargained for when she meets Chase.

Carter Chase went from being a soldier in the Army to volunteering at Veterans’ Aid. The charity helped him through a dark time and he would do anything for them, including help plan a benefit concert. But when he finds out the main act is Duchess, the British pop diva who makes fun of America, he is ready to bail out—until he meets Duchess’s manager, Katie Murphy.

As they work together, Chase soon becomes a risk to Duchess’s true identity . . . and also to Katie’s heart.

First, and very important, I love this cover. I remember seeing it when Nikki Wilson revealed it, and I thought then that this cover was awesome. Besides the cover, I really enjoyed this read. It was really fast paced and I quickly read it. The banter between the characters is great. Speaking of the characters, I loved watching Katie and Chase evolve. I appreciated that Nikki had them grow for themselves along with each other. I hate when the author has the heroine change for the guy, but thankfully that doesn’t happen here. A fair warning though, there might be tears when reading this book. Just a little heads up without any spoilers.

The only thing I wish I saw was more at the end. I feel like there could have been more there. Maybe even an epilogue. I’m trying real hard here not to give away any spoilers. I would recommend this book. It’s a sweet romance, so that means no swearing or sexual situations (but a couple of great kissing scenes). I would even say that teen girls could read this. It tackles some interesting issues in it as well that I think a lot of people can relate to. We were give a copy in exchange for an honest review.


(5 / 5)

Description of Duchess was taken from Amazon

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