Dangerous Hearts by K.K. Allen – Book Review by Penny Cooper

dangerous heartsDangerous Hearts (A Stolen Melody Duet Book 1), a rock star romance, by K. K. Allen. Book review written by Penny Cooper.

His heart beats for the music. She’s his favorite song.

Lyric Cassidy knows a thing or two about bad boy rock stars with raspy vocals. In fact, her heart was just played by one. So when she takes an assignment as road manager for the world famous rock star, Wolf, she’s prepared to take him on, full suit of heart-armor intact.

Wolf is the sexy lead singer for the hottest rock band around with a line-up of guaranteed one night stands. Lyric Cassidy isn’t one of them. That’s fine with him. Women like Lyric come with fairytale expectations, so it should be easy to stay away. Too bad she’s hot as sin with a fiery temper and a mouth that drives him wild.

She’s also got something to hide. Something he discovers. Something he wants …

Sharing a tour bus, neither of them are prepared for the miles of road ahead and the fierce attraction they feel toward one another–a dangerous combination.”

I love a good rock star romance. And I loved the meeting of Lyric and Wolf at the label’s office. It’s so awkward and standoffish, but you can already sense the heat that’s between the two (even if they deny it).

This book presented such an interesting twist. We’ve got Lyric who has grown up in the shadow of two famous musicians and has no desire to be in the limelight (but easily could be). Then we have Wolf, who’s dad is also a musician, but not very successful, but he wants to be smack in the middle of it all. It’s interesting to see how they differ. Plus Wolf can be a big jerk at times, but there seems so much more. And it seems like he wants to be that much more for Lyric.Their relationship is totally not ideal, but isn’t that how life works sometimes?

There was one thing that was a little over the top for me, (and this is also a warning to some) the amount of sex, sexual situations, talk of sex, was a lot in this book. Some doesn’t bother me, but woah – a lot in this book. Maybe I should have assumed that because it’s rock stars, but still, it was a little too much. It had me flipping pages to get back to the story line. K.K. Allen is such a talented writer and I don’t think she needed to have so much of that. But that’s just my opinion. There’s also swearing in here, but that doesn’t bother me as much.

Oh and just so you know, total cliffhanger. Which just about killed me. We voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.


(3.5 / 5)

Description of Dangerous Hearts take from Amazon.

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