The Three Stones of Bethany by April Marcom – Reviewed by Pam Eaton

Three Stones of BethanyDescription of The Three Stones of Bethany by April Marcom, taken from Amazon.

“The kingdom of Bethany was once a beautiful place made up of five magical nations, each with their own special gifts. It all changed in a day, however, when the murderous dredgelings arrived. No one quite knows where they came from or how they keep multiplying, no matter how many are killed in the long, cruel war they’ve waged.

All seems to be lost, until a girl named Taylor is mistakenly transported to Bethany. Kane, the king over these nations, despises her whole-heartedly at first, and then she makes him laugh for the first time since the devastation began years ago. And the earthling manages to find new ways to surprise him with her valor and loyalty every single day. Unfortunately, Taylor’s only wish through their dangerous quest to reunite three magical stones and save the kingdom, aside from surviving this fearful place, is to return home.

But as fate goes, she soon discovers the only way to recapture the stones and save the lives of the royals she’s come to love as her first real family is to give up any hope of ever returning to her old life. In the end it all comes down to what sort of hero she truly is, one to her own self, or one to entire nations.”

Right off the bat this book drops you into the thick of action, which I appreciate. I think in YA fantasy that’s the best way to go. I really enjoyed watching Taylor grow and change. I also like that she was the one making decisions for herself. I’m glad that April Marcom had her characters make hard choices and on their terms. There are a few things I wish I had seen in the book though. Like the mixing of worlds. We have Taylor from our world thrust into this whole other place. I think it would have been funny to see more of the other characters reactions, especially with the car. It’s got all sorts of buttons and weird fabric. Heck the horn alone would be cool. Also, we have these crazy build ups to what should be epic scenes. Like fights with the dredgelings. I don’t know if the author is not well versed in writing fight scenes, but those in the book fell a little short. We have some, but I want more details. I want to feel like I’m in that fight or watching from the sidelines. I also want a more descriptive picture of Kane’s castle. We get bits, but I want more. I won’t give away any spoilers, and this isn’t one, but what is the deal with Kane? He seems more like a teenage girl than Taylor at times. Also, little side note, sometimes the POV changed and I would get confused. One minute we were in Taylor’s head and the next it was Kane. It only happened a few times and most won’t pick up on it, but I write so I noticed it. I recommend this book though. It’s a quick and easy read. There’s no swearing or sexual content and the violence is minimal. We were given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.


4 Stars (4 / 5)

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