Crossings by Sarah Johnson – Book Review by Pam Eaton

Crossings, a fantasy, by Sarah Johnson. Book review written by Pam Eaton.

“Eliinka, a young, orphaned harp player, was born with the gift of influencing people around her with her music. But in her home country of Pelto, she’s forced to hide this ability to avoid persecution from government authorities. When she unwittingly contracts herself to Queen Jereni, the queen of the neighboring country with whom Pelto has been at war, she soon finds herself trying to reconcile the two countries. Can Eliinka use her musical gift to bring peace to Pelto and Viru while protecting the people she loves?”

I was really intrigued by this book. Could you imagine agreeing to work for someone, and then that someone turns out the be the queen of the country who is your enemy? Not only that, but this country is the complete opposite of everything you know and now you have to learn to adapt and be one of them. I read this book rather quickly, but I attribute that to the quality of writing that Sarah Johnson gives us.

There’s something I have to discuss though, and I guess this could be a SOMEWHAT SPOILER. But half way through the book, we have a character die and this made me mad. I don’t know why this was done. I think it ruined the story for me a little bit. There was already enough conflict going on that I don’t think this needed to happen. And I think this might turn some people off of the book. And this book has some romantic themes, but it is not a romance book. So be aware of that.

Besides that one (and actually it’s kind of big) part halfway through the book, I liked this. It was entertaining and it kept me guessing. I was surprised by a lot of things within these pages. We were give an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review.


(4 / 5)

Description of Crossings taken from Amazon.

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