About Us

IMG_5723 Pamela Eaton – When she’s not wrangling two little kids and two extremely large “puppies”, Pam is working on writing a collection on Young Adult books. She’s a member of the American Night Writers Association (ANWA). She also loves to read, seriously, there are over 1000 books on her Kindle. Her own site is www.pameaton.com





IMG_2790Nick Eaton – Nick is a Mechanical Engineering, but has a huge love of fantasy books and a strong liking for steampunk books as well. Yes, he’s married to Pam and there to help with insanity of 2 kids and 2 big black labs. He’s also the creator of this web page.







IMG_5800Donna K – Donna is a self proclaimed book hoarder. She easily breezes through several books a week. When she’s not reading, she’s on her sewing machine or chasing grand kids.






Penny Cooper – Penny is currently working on a business degree and takes creative writing classes on the side. She owns an Etsy shop where she makes fabric floral pieces. She promises to be honest to a fault with her reviews.


You can reach any of us at lotbreviews@gmail.com