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August 2016 – Jan M Martin

jan martin

What type of book is Heir of Deceit?

It is a sweet romance with family intrigue and a touch of mystery. I love what an Amazon reviewer said about it. “This is part love story, part genealogical mystery, a little bit about redemption and quite a lot of fun for the reader.” It is suitable for adults and teens. Both men and women have loved it.

What inspired you to write Heir of Deceit?

My son had gone through a divorce. His wife wore the same wedding dress my sister had worn, and her marriage ended in divorce as well. My son suggested that I write a novel about a cursed wedding dress, and the idea was born.

What motivated you to start writing?

I’ve always had a story inside me, even as a child. I wrote ghost stories for my friends, and ridiculous poems, which I hid from everyone. The first one I remember was entitled The Educated Fly, now lost, about a fly that was attacking my hair in the bathtub. I killed it. I recently found one of my first newspaper articles, for the Graham County Guardian, reporting on a meeting of the “Pixie Pals” 4-H club. It was all of 4 sentences long—a 1-inch column. I was eleven years old. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t writing something.

What motivates you now to keep writing?

I still have so many stories that want to break free of my head! Right now I have the beginning ideas for five new books: four novels and a non-fiction. Life happens and overrides my writing far too often, but my fingers begin to itch, twitch, and drum, and I know I have to write. I see whole books in the simplest of things.

Do you have a favorite book/author?

Irving Stone! In high school, I devoured every book they had which was written by him, including the intimidating 664-page The Agony and the Ecstasy, the story of Michelangelo. The book is a masterpiece. The movie was a total flop. It covers about a chapter of the book, so don’t judge the book by it. Irving Stone actually studied and tried marble sculpture for The Agony and the Ecstasy. I didn’t read all of his 100 or so works, but I read his historical romantic series on the presidents of the USA and their relationships with their wives. The first one I read was Love is Eternal, which is the love story between Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln. I was hooked. My next favorite is Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind.

What author would you want to meet, living or dead? And why?

I’d like to meet Mormon, the abridger of the Book of Mormon. I hope he counts. He has to have

been one of the most courageous, spiritual, wonderful men ever to live. How did he abridge the entire Book of Mormon while he had so much going on politically and in his life? How did he stay faithful despite all the carnage? He has inspired generations of believers. Of course, Irving Stone, now deceased. I wrote to him while I was in high school. I got a letter back, but have no idea where it is now. I’d like to meet him because his work is so amazing. I have a fear of meeting famous, powerful people because of concern that they won’t live up to my admirations. I hope he was a good man. I always look forward to meeting my ANWA sisters, many of whose books I’ve read. They are some of the most awesome women alive, and I admire every one of them. All I have met are genuine, wonderful women.

What advice do you have for people who want to write?

1-Join a writers’ group such as ANWA. You will receive an education and support you will find nowhere else.

2-Study the craft. Writer’s Digest Magazine and their web site have great writing advice and books on markets, how to write, submit, etc. that are very helpful. There are many other sources.

3-Write it! Put it on the page. If it’s awful, you can fix it, but only if it’s written. If your page is blank, you can’t fix anything. So write it down. Every author re-writes—again, and again, and again, and . . .

4-When I first began writing, I didn’t want anyone to see my work. Get over it! You need critiquers, beta readers, suggestions, editors. Most will be kind, some won’t. Grow a thick skin and keep writing. I know a brilliant writer (whenever I can catch a glimpse of anything he writes), who hides everything, hoping that when he dies, someone will discover his work and publish it. Ha! Not-a- gonna happen. Be brave. Join a critique group.

What are you reading right now?

I am usually reading 2-3 books at once. Does that make me schizophrenic? I am currently reading Tad R. Callister’s The Infinite Atonement; Victorine Lieske’s Blissfully Married (ARC nearly finished—delightful); and to feed my desire to write a humorous mystery, a bundle of funny cozy mysteries, beginning with Death of a Dapper Snowman, by Angela Pepper. I love reading historical fiction, health and nutrition books, finance books, light clean romantic comedy and mystery. I usually don’t like dystopian, scary mystery, or horror.


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