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CM Fenn

C M FennCM Fenn grew up in Mesa, AZ. Along with being a wife and mother she is a proud veteran of the US Air Force and is currently a full time writer.

When CM was a child she surrounded herself with fascinating friends and lived wild adventures every day. No matter they all existed within her mind. As an adult, she’s finding what a joy it can be to set all these mind musings free onto pages for other like minded dreamers to explore.

When she’s not writing you can usually find her spending time with her kids, going to concerts, spoiling her dogs, or if she’s really lucky, sneaking some gaming time into her busy life..

CM is currently working on book two in her series of The Realmwalker Chronicles.


We’ve reviewed CM Fenn’s book Chaos (The Realmwalker Chronicles) on our Paranormal Page.

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